The Ultimate Home Removal Pricing & Cost Guide

The aim of this blog is to explain our pricing structure to potential customers, giving a clear understanding of what you are paying for and how you can save money with your move through good planning, preparation and organization.

Removal team

The cost of a Removal or Man and Van Service is based on a number of factors that may influence the cost and affordability:

  • Removal costs generally depend on the size of the property you’re moving from, whether a house, flat or bungalow and the number and size of the items you are requesting transported.
  • Good access to the properties you are moving from and to is also a key factor. Good access saves you time and money. Is the property a flat? If so what floor is it located, is there a lift available for use?
  • The distance between the properties you are moving from and to. Any distances over 15 miles will be subject to a fuel charge.
  • The accuracy of your inventory (list of items that you supply us prior to your move). Try not to generalize ‘a few boxes’ for example’.
  • How well are your goods packed, sealed and labelled? Failure to pack items correctly often causes problems when loading/unloading. Failure to pack items correctly will inevitably increase the cost of your removal.

These are some of the key factors you must take into consideration when pricing a removal, but remember being well prepared and organized means that you pay less!
  • Removal charges (hourly rate) start from £30.00 (1 man) and £40.00 (2 men).
  • Man and Van charges (hourly rate) start from £30.00 (1 man) and £40.00 (2 men).
  • Deliveries start from £10.00 (depending on item size and miles covered).

Please note that this list is only a guide. We welcome any feedback on our blog and will try to answer any questions as quickly as possible. For further advice please access the best practice video on my website where you'll learn how to be perfectly prepared to make the entire moving experience hassle-free.

Happy Moving From The Busy Beez's Removal Team!